Your Personal Style Journey

Curate your wardrobe with a fresh. updated perspective and celebrate your best self with hands-on help from style professionals–designer Wendy Manasse and fashion stylist Katie Balis.

After a spirit-cleansing closet detox, go with Wendy and Katie and $1500 to Macy’s and other Los Cerritos Center stores on a mindful shopping adventure for investment pieces and key accessories to update and fill in your wardrobe.

A his-or-hers opportunity designed to make looking good look easy and let your personality shine through.


Your 2-day experience includes:

DAY 1 with Wendy & Katie

  • Personal style assessment
  • Wardrobe review
  • Closet detox & organization

DAY 2 with Wendy & Katie

  • Personal shopping adventure with $1500
  • Lunch

Only 100 tickets will be sold for $100 each. Tickets will be sold at the event on September 19 and in advance by JFCS board members or from the JFCS office by calling (562) 427-7916.

Rules and restrictions:

  • One name/one winner per ticket.
  • Winner may transfer his/her prize to another individual
  • Experience dates to be determined by mutual agreement with Wendy, Katie & the winner