JFCS Runway

JFCS strives to be there when people need us.  Never has this been more important than now, during the unprecedented time of the coronavirus pandemic. The family breadwinner who has lost his or her job due to an unforeseen business closure, the woman who is forced to stay at home but is not safe from a violent partner, the older adult whose activities have been cut short and now feels profoundly isolated—these are the people we help. 

For over 60 years, JFCS has been present in the lives of tens of thousands of people who sought professional, affordable counseling and support delivered in an atmosphere of dignity and compassion.  JFCS is the only agency in Long Beach that is currently serving the entire life cycle, from ages 4 to 104, with both mental health and social services.   As always, we serve individuals, couples, and families regardless of religion, race, socioeconomic status, gender identity, or immigration status. 

Your generous support of RUNWAY:  In Reel Time allows us to connect your outstretched hand to those who desperately need support.